World Adoption Day: Liz’s journey

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World Adoption Day, taking place this year on Monday, November 9, is an opportunity to lift up all voices in the adoption community.

Kids all over the world are waiting to become a part of a forever family, and couples all over the world are looking to become parents and share their love. We believe that adoption is a beautiful thing and we are so inspired by members in our Angel Armies who have opened up their homes and hearts to adoption. In honor of the special day, our friend Liz shares her very own adoption journey. Read on for her reflection:

My parents had already adopted my brother (non-biological) and my mom knew she wanted more than one child. So they started the adoption process again for a second child. My adoption took place during the 1988 Olympics in Seoul, Korea, which shed bad light on the country regarding their adoption practices. Because of that, my parents started to think about considering different countries, like India, to start the adoption process.

After a long time, they put their names in for two boys and one girl (me) in Korea. My mom said that God had put children with medical or special needs in front of both my mom and dad. They talked about it and they said there had to be a reason for it. My mom sincerely thought God was going to give her a boy to adopt because she never thought she was meant to parent a girl. Girl things never came easy to her.

When they saw my photo and the papers that said I would only need three surgeries before I was 2.5 years old, they said to each other that it would be no problem. Looking at my photo, they had zero hesitation about moving forward and even when their close friend asked if they were sure they wanted to take on that responsibility, they said yes. So, they continued on with everything.


There were hundreds of families with their names in line for children in Korea. They all had to wait to be matched with the children. During the time of waiting to hear from the agency, my mom would go to our church and pray rosaries to be chosen to parent one of the children. On December 21, 1989, they received a call from the agency saying they were selected as the parents to adopt a little girl. When they got the call my mom went numb and asked the lady if she was sure, because she couldn’t believe it. She said finding out I was going to be their child was their Christmas present for that year.

Finalizing everything, there was never any other mention of my medical needs or information about it. I left my foster mother and came home to my parents on April 26, 1990 — my “Gotcha Day”.

From that day on, they cared for me and provided me with the best medical care for the next 20 years — with having 14 surgeries to repair a severe bilateral cleft lip and midface deficiency. Without my adoption, I would have not had this kind of medical care or possibly none at all, so I am forever grateful.

My parents are the real heroes.

God is writing a unique and beautiful story in each of us, and when we use our voice to put these stories into words, we will never know the profound ways it might transform the life of another.

If you’ve been impacted by foster care or adoption, we want to hear your story! Please use your voice to help us build a collection of inspiring stories to share throughout November. Please send your story to

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