We all have secret handshakes. Summer camp friends, cousins you see once a year, and even your COVID #QuaranTeam! We know the reason for a secret handshake is to keep it a secret. But would you use your voice to help another kid in need? Did you know 400,000 kids and families touch the U.S. Welfare System each year? During the pandemic, this number will only grow. But you can help! When you share your secret handshake or best “VV”, you will become a Voice for the Vulnerable kids in America.

Let’s amplify the issues plaguing the vulnerable by sharing your handshakes or best “VV” on social and challenging your friends to do the same. For every #VVHandshake hashtag used, a generous donor will give $1 to Angel Armies to fight the foster care crisis in America.

Show us what you got

Share your best handshake with us for a chance to be featured on our website and social media.

Be a Voice for the Vulnerable and Join the #VVFam