The ripple effect of COVID-19 and the foster care system

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What if your child had to wait in a long line every day just to use a single computer to complete his schoolwork? What if your child didn’t know where she was going to sleep tonight?

Children walking the child welfare path are more at risk now than ever.

As the nation works to navigate the COVID-19 crisis, foster care children are caught in the crosshairs. Angel Armies and the Church are standing in the gap.

Issue 1: A lack of beds

Across the country, the government reports that there are not enough beds for the growing number of children entering the child welfare system.

  1. Runaway children returning – Children who had previously run away are now finding their way “home”. Whether home represents a group home or a previous foster family, these children are scared and in desperate need of a safe haven.
  2. Positive COVID-19 results – When a child or multiple children from a group home test positive for COVID-19, all remaining healthy children need to relocate… but where? How can our country protect healthy foster children while tending to those kids who fall ill?
  3. An increase in poverty increases foster care needs – Our tumbling American economy has forced thousands of children to enter the welfare system each day. Domestic violence shelters report a surge of activity and far too often children are trapped in harm’s way. Even well intentioned families who desire to foster, suddenly find their finances can’t support another child.


Angel Armies believes the Church is THE answer to these issues. Across the country, empty church camps and facilities are being used as temporary housing and daycare facilities for children in need. The faith community IS UNITING and finding solutions to serve vulnerable kids in tangible ways.

Issue 2: Access to education

This pandemic has changed everything about how children receive their education. Suddenly, nothing is more important than a child’s access to a computer.

  • We heard about a group home with 12 children waiting in line each day to use a single computer so they could complete school lessons.
  • We have heard of families who don’t own, nor can afford a computer.

Imagine how devastating this is to children who may already struggle academically? This is simply unacceptable.


Angel Armies sent $35,000 to Florida and California where the needs are some of the highest in the country. We were able to do this in part because of your support of Angel Armies in the past. THANK YOU!

Together, we have provided computers to some of the most deserving children on both sides of our country. The BEST part is our gift stipulates that when the crisis subsides, the children still own their computers.

There is more work to be done. Even tonight – some vulnerable child will be removed from her home. Some young boy will enter a group foster home. And scores of children will desperately need to find a way to learn…

Angel Armies was formed to be a Voice for the Vulnerable. Now more than ever, the nation and children need our prayers and support!

Sign up to join Angel Armies as we work to combat these issues.

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