The joy of fostering teens

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Lifeline Children’s Services is a trusted partner of Angel Armies that provides a hope and a future through the gospel for vulnerable children and families around the world by discipling, engaging, and equipping the Body of Christ towards adoption, foster care, orphan care and support.

The Dragos have been a Lifeline foster family for several years and have cared for multiple children in their home. They share how fostering a teen can look different than fostering a small child, but the rewards can be big:

“One of the most significant differences I have found in fostering teens is not that they can shower themselves and launder their own clothes (although, huge perk). When my littles hurt, they run to me, arms open and tears streaming down their expressive faces. But with older children, I can’t always hold them when they hurt. Sometimes they choose to hurt alone, in a bedroom, behind a closed door. Sometimes I just sit on the floor outside the closed bedroom door and pray that they know they don’t ever have hurt alone, at least not anymore. I respect the need for space, but I am for sure not leaving my post.

I don’t know or understand all of the hurts, but when they hurt, I hurt too. This is the joy and the pain of fostering teens. While I fall short more days than not, this process of loving them has helped me to better understand how God loves me. He is always there, eager and ready to receive me and all my brokenness, regardless of how many times I might try to put distance between us. He is just hanging out, all night, on the other side of that door for whenever we might be ready.”

Angel Armies partners with best-in-class child-serving organizations who are dedicated to fighting the child welfare crisis.

Whether it be a family in crisis, a vulnerable child walking the child welfare path, or a newly adoptive family, our partners offer a holistic solution to solving the crisis at hand.

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