Successions of hope

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“J” experienced foster care as a child growing up. When she and “E” met and had two children of their own, the succession of hurt continued as their children were taken into foster care.

The young couple in their 20s began participating in a Families Count course at a local church in Alabama. They were matched with mentors, an older couple in their 50s, whom God clearly hand-picked for the relationship. The mentors walked hand-in-hand with J and E as they attended state-mandated meetings and courses. They advocated for the couple and displayed patience and compassion with them.

The church also supported the young couple and helped them find furniture and other necessities for their home. The mentor husband taught E household management skills like mowing the lawn.

The care shown to J and E truly made an impact, as they saw the love of Christ firsthand. They each committed their lives to Christ, followed in baptism, and were married by the pastor of the Families Count hosting church.

Today they have been reunited with their children, moved to a new state where J was recently hired as a peer support specialist for a non-profit where she serves with “lived experience” in a support role for those struggling with mental health, psychological trauma, or substance abuse.

J and E are eager to get started with helping in a Families Count class in their new city in order to see a succession of hurt turn into their succession of hope.


Because Lifeline Children’s Services believes God created the family unit with a purpose, we seek to equip the Church to help families heal and stick together. Families Count was created as a family restoration and preservation ministry platform to give local churches the ability to minister to parents of children who have been placed into the foster care system or are at risk of entering it.

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