Stepping in to meet the needs of the community

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Check out this incredible story from our partners Promise686 of how God showed up to meet the urgent needs of this family through a local church community!

In February 2020, two sisters with a total of four children, three of whom are autistic, had a bedbug infestation. The family had to move out of the house for over a month and all fabric home items like mattresses and sofas had to be burned due to severe infestation. Because of the shelter-in-place order, new items couldn’t be delivered to this family for the entire month.

God provided support through a Dublin First United Methodist Church’s Family Advocacy Ministry (FAM) who worked with nearby ministry partners and families to meet this request using the CarePortal platform. Cingo donated their pest control services three times throughout the month to help get rid of the infestation. Members of the church donated two queen beds, a full mattress and money for twin mattresses. Partner ministries and families in the area donated linens, towels, blankets and furniture.


We are blown away by the way this church’s FAM quickly spread the word and recruited help in meeting this family’s need, especially during the COVID-19 crisis. Because of the support and generosity of their local community, this family has safely moved back into their home.

Promise686 is a trusted partner of Angel Armies. When God calls you into action, Promise686 wants to walk right there next to you. They exist to assist churches and families meeting the needs of orphans and children in foster care. By providing financial assistance, educational resources, and community support, they fight to reduce adopting and fostering barriers.

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