Promise686 and the Family Advocacy Ministries

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God is at work through our partners Promise686 and the Family Advocacy Ministries (FAMs) they’re planting across the board! One young woman in Georgia recently fostered a child who had been in roughly 8 homes in 5 months due to behavior-related incidents. This woman faced many challenges with this particular foster placement, from extreme tantrums to attempted run-aways. She desired to continue caring for this child, but knew something needed to change. She called on her local FAM, a Promise686 ministry who has committed to supporting her through her foster care journey. This community served their family by babysitting, walking the child to and from the bus stop while the foster mom was at work, building a playground for their house, and even becoming respite families while the foster mom was out of town. That child has now been reunited with her bio mother and both the foster mom and the FAM still serve the biological family through babysitting, meals, and spending quality time together.

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