Promise686 equips churches and families to meet the needs of orphans and children in foster care. They provide financial assistance for adoption, educational resources for individuals and churches, volunteer support for foster families. Their goal is to raise awareness and educate church communities and reduce barriers to adopting and fostering lonely children, with the desire that more children will be nurtured in loving families. Answering God’s call to “set the lonely in families” (Psalm 68:6), Promise686 believes churches and their families are the key to unlocking the current crisis in child welfare.

By training churches on how to create and lead successful Family Advocacy Ministries (FAMs), Promise686 is working toward seeing every child in a safe and loving family, forever.

Providing real care at a safe distance

This uncertain and ever-changing time means that we need to be creative in how we serve our families so they feel our love and encouragement as they navigate life at home with children who have experienced trauma. Our goal is to make sure placements can remain stable and no disruptions occur.

Learn how to virtually care for vulnerable children and families you serve.