Local church steps in to support kinship placement

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Families of vulnerable children need love and support from their local church. Through our partners Promise686, one local church created a Family Advocacy Ministry (FAM). This FAM allowed the church to support a kinship placement — a woman with no nearby family to help her care for her granddaughter with special needs. Through her FAM, this grandmother has developed more relationships in her church and receives twice a month babysitting to participate in a jail ministry. Prior to the support of her FAM, she paid a babysitter (for 3.5 years) in order to stay involved in a ministry she loves.

This group of volunteers meets the needs of this kinship placement through acts of service, from weed eating to hosting birthday parties. One particular couple invites the family to their house for dinner once a month, building a strong connection with both the grandmother and the child. “It has been fun to watch relationships blossom within our own congregation that otherwise may never have.” – Lead Advocate of this local FAM

What a beautiful picture of community!

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