Operating in this new reality: How to safely serve

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Children and families in crisis still need our help. Their vulnerability is even more exposed in the wake of COVID-19. But how can you safely serve during this pandemic? Our partner CarePortal put together a list of practical, recommended best practices for staying safe while completing a delivery during the COVID-19 crisis.

Please Note: these are not guarantees you won’t contract COVID-19. Please follow all state and federal guidelines and the Spirit’s leading while deciding if or how to complete a delivery.

Ask for delivery preference. In these unusual times, some people may feel better not opening their doors and interacting with people, and that’s ok. We recommend asking ahead of time if the recipient would like you to knock on their door or simply drop off the items.

Note: if you need to just drop off the items outside the door:

  • Schedule a time for the drop off so you know the recipient is home.
  • Text or call to let the recipient know the items are delivered.
  • Take a picture of the items at the door, just in case a mischievous passer-by tries to take advantage of the situation.
  • Avoid entering into homes. As fulfilling as it is to help a family set up their baby equipment or dress new beds, with a virus on the loose it’s much wiser to stay in an open air environment.

Wash your hands. I think we’ve all heard this enough lately, but it has to be said.

Wear a mouth covering. There are many normal reasons to be sneezing and coughing, especially with the change of season. But few things understandably scare someone these days like a cough. If you know you’re prone to a sneeze or cough, use a mouth covering like a mask or even a bandana. This won’t keep you from contracting a virus, but it will assure the recipient that you can’t spread your cough.

Keep your distance. Sorry, no hugs. It’s one of the best parts of a delivery, but these days it’s best to keep a few feet away from each other and settle for an air high-five.

Follow up. This is so important. Forced isolation and school closures can be devastating for families that don’t have robust community connections. We highly encourage you to check in a few days after a delivery to see how the family is doing. A simple “praying for you” goes a long, long way!


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