FAMs step in to support family of six

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Recently, several of Promise686’s Family Advocacy Ministries (FAMs) came together to wrap around a single mother of six. She was completely starting over, moving into a new home with nothing but a few clothes for each of them. Clement Arts, a Promise686 affiliate, notified their network of churches and were so amazed by the response they received!

“We had 16 churches who began to gather donations. Each church sponsored a room and/or a child. Several churches sent volunteers to load up our trucks and trailers. Thanks to all the generous donations, we were completely able to furnish their home.”

These FAMs provided everything from shower curtains and trash cans to a washer and dryer. The volunteers assembled beds, placed furniture, and filled the cabinets and refrigerator with food. One FAM even provided a hot meal for the family’s first night in their new home.

The support didn’t stop once they moved in! One Family Advocacy Ministry created an ongoing Care Community for the mother and her six children and now continues to encourage, support, and mentor this family.


“The family was so grateful! It was such a God orchestrated project and we loved seeing the unity in churches across our city.”Kenny and I always knew we were going to adopt one day.

By training churches on how to create and lead successful Family Advocacy Ministries (FAMs), Promise686 is working toward seeing every child in a safe and loving family, forever.

Learn more about FAMs and how to get your church involved.

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