Your support at work: College students receive scholarships

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We recently partnered with our friends at City Without Orphans to support the success of college-aged youth who have been affected by both foster care and the hardships of COVID-19.

Together, we surprised six deserving students with scholarships for the coming 2020-2021 academic year. We’d love to introduce you to four of the six students who received scholarships thanks to your generosity: Tyri, Miracle, Tasha and Elizabeth! 

Watch this special message from Angel Armies founder Chris Tomlin to the students:

“No, the journey didn’t matter because the destination was always the goal.” – Tasha, scholarship recipient

Angel Armies family — this would not have been possible without your prayers and support. Thank you for helping City Without Orphans serve its community. And the best part of the story? That it doesn’t end here. We cannot wait to see what these students accomplish, who they will impact along the way and how they might change the world. All because you said, “They matter”.

This is just the beginning of what we can accomplish together. Let’s continue making an impact and being a voice for the vulnerable.

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