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This CarePortal story from Georgia is about a seemingly small gift — a $50 @YMCA summer membership for a troubled youth in Foster Care. A stranger’s simple “yes” to the request allowed the boy to better cope with their turbulent situation and occupy himself during the hot summer months. Responding to opportunities at hand, that’s up to us. The ultimate impact of these small gifts, that’s up to God.

Responding Church: Rhema Community Church – 31523

Responder’s Name: 


==Request Info==

Location: 31525 – Glynn County, Georgia

Children Impacted: 1

Value: 50.00

Description: Troubled youth that needs to be occupied during the summer months, caregiver has requested a membership at the YMCA in Brunswick, GA.

Urgency: Normal; Within 7-10 days

Grid Quadrant: Tier 1 – Physical Needs – Foster Care

Count of Churches in Radius: 7

Request Regional Manager: Ally Christianson

Church Regional Manager: Ally Christianson


==Response Information==

Reason for Rating: It provides the information needed to most effectively meet the needs of those that require the help–and a method of contact with case workers when it is not explicit.

Rating: 5.00 / 5

Your Story: It makes me feel pleased that I am able to help a child from our community better cope with their turbulent situation. It is a gift of comfort and we all need that from time to time in our lives. If it helps contribute to the ultimate successful raising of the child, then the reward becomes that much sweeter. God keeps track of those things even we forget down the road because we saw it only as an incidental act of kindness from our own standards. Sharing love through helping to meet community needs–especially for children–is always a rewarding action. And the fact that you can do it anonymously only makes it better. 🙂

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