Angel Armies partners with Liberty University Football to serve kids

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Your financial support over the past year has resulted in some pretty amazing opportunities — partnering with the Liberty University Football being one. Each week, players respond to requests from local social services organizations and empower the local church to meet the needs of children and families in crisis all over the country. These young men are being exposed to the foster care crisis and learning what it means to be part of the solution. We wanted to share one story of impact as a thank you for your support:

Through CarePortal, the players were able to connect with a young mother and her 3-year-old son who needed help replacing an infested bed. But the boys wanted to do more. They were able to pledge enough money to pay for pest control treatments and purchase a new rug, futon, storage, coffee table, and shelving! Most importantly through all of this, an ongoing relationship with the mother and her local church was established that will have lasting impact!

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