The Mission

There are 4 million children who will touch the child welfare system in America each year, and for a long time, Chris Tomlin and his wife, Lauren, dreamed about ways the Church could be a solution to this crisis. In 2018, that vision came: Angel Armies. We began rallying God’s troops — uniting the people of God for the purposes of God.

We all are called to care. We all have something to give. And when we all come together, the collective impact is bigger than we could dream. The crisis is big and the battlefront is widespread, but we have been equipped to fight. We are responding to the words of Jesus, “When you did it to the least of these, you did it to me”.

About Us

For many years, a guiding passage for me has been Hebrews 13:15-16…to continually give praise to God and to do good to others.  I love how this scripture speaks to both “praise” and “doing good” living side by side.  In worship, our hearts are transformed, and our eyes are opened to see and respond to the need around us.  My wife, Lauren, and I have been asking the question for a while now, how do we best use this microphone and platform God has given to us?  I knew that my concerts had to be more than just songs, and with time the vision became clear.

Angel Armies exists to unite the people of God for the purposes of God.  To respond to the words of Jesus, “when you did it to the least of these, you did it to me.”

Our Vision

“Praise the LORD, you angels, you mighty ones who carry out his plans, listening for each of his commands. Yes, praise the LORD, you armies of angels who serve him and do his will!”

Psalm 103:20-21 NLT

We are building Angel Armies, like you who are passionate about combating serious issues plaguing our vulnerable youth here in America.

Join the battle.


Our Partners

In every community, there are children and families at a point of crisis, who need help. In those same communities, there are churches and people who care and want to take action. But what they need is a connection point. CarePortal is an online platform that brings the needs of hurting children and families in your community to your attention.

When God calls you into action, Promise686 wants to walk right there next to you. They exist to assist churches and families meeting the needs of orphans and children in foster care. By providing financial assistance, educational resources, and community support, they fight to reduce adopting and fostering barriers.

America’s Kids Belong  implements innovative initiatives to help ensure that every child is in a loving home. By first identifying who you are – business leader, faith leader, creative leader, government leader – America’s Kids Belong guides you on what steps to take first. That could mean recruiting more foster and adoptive families, engaging wrap-around support, or helping youth who have already aged out reach their full potential. 

Board of trustees

Chris Tomlin

Chad Spencer

Dan Glaze

Dana Ring

Ed O'Bryan

Erik Dellenback

Jeanie Haas

Instagram - @angelarmiesorg